Role of religion in the development of medicine

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Role of religion in the development of medicine
1 During the medieval period, punishment from God was seen as a cause of disease
1.1 Pilgrimage was used as a cure for disease
1.2 Saints were associated with specific conditions
1.3 Black Death was seen as a punishment from God
1.3.1 Jews were blamed for starting it
1.3.2 People whipped themselves to show they were sorry
2 Care of the sick in the Middle Ages
2.1 The early hospitals were attached to monasteries
2.2 It was the Christian duty to care for the sick
2.3 Islam encouraged medical learning
2.3.1 Many hospitals were established
2.3.2 Work of key individuals Al-Razi or Rhazes Ibn Sina or Avicenna Ibn al-Nafis
3 The Christian Church controlled education
3.1 This meant that it controlled the education of doctors
3.1.1 They prevented dissection and this stopped progress
4 Many hospitals were still run by the Church during the Renaissance period
5 Scientific revolution meant that religion becomes less important from 1500s onwards
5.1 Germ theory establishes the cause of disease
6 Role of religion today
6.1 Faith healers
6.2 Some people refuse medical treatment on religious grounds
6.2.1 JehovahWitnesses
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