The first world war was the most important cause of the russian revolution

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The first world war was the most important cause of the russian revolution
1 Reform
2 Religion
3 Russification
4 Repression
5 A Russian revolution already took place in 1905
6 World war 1 brought serious economic problems in Russia
6.1 Lack of workers/labour/skilled workers all at war.
6.1.1 1916 close to 600 factories had to be closed because of lack of workers.
6.1.2 farms- weeds began to grow
6.2 Transport
6.2.1 Russia largest country in the world ... depended on railroads to transport goods
6.2.2 Not enough trains for army and people army given priority
6.2.3 Thousands of goods , butter,meat , grain rotted away as it couldnt be taken to the consumers
6.2.4 coal supplies to factories stopped. power stations haltd ... lack of coal. power failed
7 WW1 began in 1914
8 russian revolution 1917
9 2 early military defeats
9.1 Tannenburg
9.2 masurian lakes
11 Tsar Nicholas went to command the armed forces.
11.1 lived at army HQ and this was 500km from petrograd.
11.2 Tsarina in charge
11.2.1 Tsarina dependant on Rasputin
11.2.2 Rasputin and tsarina working together to destroy russia
11.3 16 months of her control they went through 4 primeministers, 5 min of interior, 4 min of agri, 3 min of war, 2 min foreign affairs
11.3.1 no consistency,
12 Weather conditions at start of 1917
12.1 -35 degrees, people were cold, hungry as grain sources and fuel dwindled.
12.1.1 boilers in trains froze and broke
12.2 Condtitions ripe for revolution
13 War brought germany on lenins side as he could help mess up russia political system.
13.1 Lenin control over bolsheviks
13.1.1 gov control and support dwindling

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