Causes of Hungarian Uprising of 1956

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Cambridge IGCSE History (Cold War) Mind Map on Causes of Hungarian Uprising of 1956, created by Konrad O'Neill on 07/18/2013.

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Causes of Hungarian Uprising of 1956
1 Soviet Union seize control in Hungary post WW2
1.1 Formed coalition so small party wouldn't win ad they won
1.2 Killed and imprisoned many protestors
1.3 New constitution based on USSR
2 Destalinisation
2.1 Statue of Stalin pulled down
2.2 Protests carried on and no-one was hurt or imprisoned
2.3 Rakosi's victims reburied
3 Life under Rakosi
3.1 Came up with plan to help economy
3.1.1 Produce stell hoever they didn't have anay iron ore
3.2 used brutal force to keep control
3.3 standard of living dec.
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