Great Expectations Character - Pip

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Great Expectations Character - Pip
1 Most important character
1.1 protagonist
1.1.1 Pip's actions make up the main plot of the novel
1.2 Narrator
1.2.1 Pip's thoughts and attitudes shape the reader’s perception of the story
1.2.2 Story told many years after the events of the novel toke place
1.2.3 Judges his own past harshly, no credit given
2 Personality
2.1 Immature
2.2 Romantic
2.3 Good conscience
2.4 Deeply wants to improve himself
2.4.1 Educational
2.4.2 Moral
2.4.3 Social
2.4.4 Join upper class Doesnt want to be poor Pip immediately begins to act as he thinks a gentleman is supposed to act, which leads him to treat Joe and Biddy snobbishly and coldly. Ashamed of his background after seeing Satis House
2.5 At heart very generous
2.6 Sympathetic
3 Influences
3.1 Miss Havisham
3.1.1 largely overshadows his basic goodness
3.2 Estella
3.2.1 Loves and wants to marry her loses Estella to the brutish nobleman Drummle
3.2.2 Pip wants to become a gentleman so that they can be together
4 Developments
4.1 Beginning
4.1.1 Ashamed of his background and family
4.1.2 Wants to be a gentleman and have his fortune Upper class
4.2 End
4.2.1 He realizes behavior as a gentleman has caused him to hurt the people who care about him most
4.2.2 Realizes him and Estella will never be
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