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National 5 History
1 Russia
1.1 Tsar Nicholas
1.1.1 Autocrat
1.1.2 How he controlled Russia Russification Censorship. (newspapers) Okhrana Orthodox Church Harsh Punishments The Cossacks -Violence, Oppression & Fear-
1.2 1905 Revolution
1.2.1 Long Term Grievances of peasants lack of political representation for middle classes Economic Problems
1.2.2 Short term Russo-Japanese war Food shortages
1.2.3 Causes Bloody Sunday
1.3 1917 Revolution
1.3.1 Long Term WW1 The effects of the war on soldiers tsar losing support Pressure from Political parties Return of lenin
1.3.2 Short term The Tsar going to the front line The Tsarina being left in charge Rasputin's influence on the Tsarina
1.3.3 Spark
2 Changing Britain
2.1 Housing
2.1.1 Legislation Housing of a poor quality could be demolished and rebuilt New water supplies for Glasgow and Edinburgh Converted a loch into a reservoir New Building Standards More toilets
2.2 Canals
2.2.1 Slow and safe way to transport goods
2.2.2 Created Jobs Navvies
2.2.3 Aqueducts were built
2.2.4 Canals were occasionally poorly maintained
2.3 Textiles
2.3.1 Legislation Legislation principles were good but the new laws were rarely obeyed by the factory owners Working hours were shortened Pregnant women were given 4 weeks off after giving birth Children under the age of 8 would no longer work factories had to be cleaned regularly and well ventilated Machines became more safe and they were fenced around to avoid injury
2.3.2 Cotton became very popular because it was cheap and easy to manufacture
2.3.3 New machinery made factories expand their businesses Caused job losses
3 Scottish wars of independence
3.1 The Succession Crisis
3.1.1 King Alexander of Scotland dies in 1286 Maid of Norway next heir She dies on the way over to Scotland 3 claimants to the throne John Balliol swears an oath of loyalty to edward He was a bad king No political experience Undermined by edward Scotland without king for 6 years lacked authority. took 13 months to chose him as king Western isles still weak Nobles didn't support him. They would become a threat John Hastings Robert Bruce King Edward chosen to help appoint a new king 6 guardians appointed
3.2 William Wallace
3.2.1 Not from Noble family
3.2.2 Rebelled against the English. Called for the return of John Balliol
3.2.3 Most stories about Wallace came from Blind harry (unreliable)
3.2.4 rebellions in the south west South and north
3.2.5 Battle of Stirling Bridge Scots win Good choice of battleground English were cocky Battle of Falkirk English win Scots schiltrons were immobile Poor choice of Battleground English outflanked the Scots Wallace resigned his guardianship of Scotland but returned in 1303
3.3 Robert Bruce
3.3.1 Called King Hob "Nobody" Regained support in 1307 Edward died Ambushed the english at glen trool Defeated english at loudon hill
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