Violence at Work

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Violence at Work
1 Occupations at Risk
1.1 anyone dealing with members of the public
1.2 care providers - nurses, home carers, etc
1.3 education services - teachers
1.4 cash transactions or collections
2 Training of employees
2.1 training of employees
2.2 provide information on clients in terms of history of violence
2.3 provide better seating, decor, lighting and provide information on delays
2.4 physical security measures such as video cameras, alarms systems, physical barriers, coded security locks, wide counters and raised floors on staff side
2.5 use cheques, credit cards or tokens in stead of cash
2.6 bank money more frequently and vary the route/time taken
2.7 avoid lone working
2.8 regular communication/diary system
2.9 good lighting on car parks
2.10 provision of trained security staff
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