DSE Risk Assessment

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DSE Risk Assessment
1 Screen
1.1 characters clear and readable?
1.2 screen cleaning materials available?
1.3 image stable and free from flicker
1.4 screen large enough for intended use?
1.5 brightness and contrast adjustable?
1.6 does screen swivel and tilt?
1.7 screen free from glare and reflections?
1.8 adjustable window coverings provided and in good condition
2 keyboard
2.1 keyboard separate from screen?
2.2 does keyboard tilt?
2.3 enough room to adopt a comfortable position
2.4 characters on the keys easily readable?
2.5 keyboard cleaning materials available?
3 software
3.1 is the software suitable for the task?
3.2 have users had appropriate training in use of software?
4 mouse
4.1 suitable for the tasks it is used for?
4.2 positioned close to user?
4.3 support for wrist and forearm?
4.4 can device work smoothly at a speed that suits the user?
4.5 surface suitable for device?
4.6 can user easily adjust software setting for speed/accuracy of pointer?
5 furniture
5.1 surface large enough for all equipment, papers etc?
5.2 sufficient poer/phone sockets?
5.3 can user comfortable reach all equipment, papers etc?
5.4 is document holder needed?
5.5 surfaces free from glare/reflection?
5.6 is chair suitable?
5.7 does chair have working seat height/ back height and tilt adjustment?
5.8 does chair have castors and a working swivel mechanism?
5.9 does user know how to adjust chair?
5.10 is small of back supported by backrest?
5.11 forearms horizontal and eyes level with top of screen?
5.12 feet flat on floor? footrest needed?
6 environment
6.1 enough room to change position and vary moment?
6.2 cables positioned safely to avoid trip hazards?
6.3 lighting suitable?
6.4 air comfortable (not too dry)?
6.5 levels of heat comfortable?
6.6 levels of noise comfortable?
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