Manual Handling

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Manual Handling
1 MH Regulations
1.1 employer must:
1.1.1 avoid manual handling were reasonably practicable (e.g. total elimination/mechanisation)
1.1.2 carry out a risk assessment of any manual handling activities that cannot be avoided
1.1.3 reduce the remaining risk so far as id reasonably practicable
2 risk factors
2.1 task
2.1.1 holding loads away from the trunk?
2.1.2 twisting or stooping?
2.1.3 reaching upwards?
2.1.4 large vertical movements?
2.1.5 long travel distances
2.1.6 strenuous pushing or pulling?
2.1.7 unpredictable movement of load?
2.1.8 repetitive handling?
2.1.9 insufficient rest or recovery time?
2.1.10 a work rate imposed by a process?
2.2 individual
2.2.1 require unusual capability?
2.2.2 endanger new or expectant mothers?
2.2.3 require special information or training
2.2.4 hinder posture or movement with clothing/PPE requirements?
2.3 loads
2.3.1 heavy?
2.3.2 bulky or unwieldy?
2.3.3 difficulty to grasp?
2.3.4 unstable/unpredictable?
2.3.5 harmful i.e. sharp/hot?
2.4 environment
2.4.1 poor floors?
2.4.2 constraints on posture?
2.4.3 variations in levels?
2.4.4 hot/cold/rain/ice/humid conditions?
2.4.5 strong air movement?
2.4.6 poor lighting conditions?
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