Safe Movement of Vehicles

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Safe Movement of Vehicles
1 hazards
1.1 excessive speeds, especially on corners
1.2 horseplay or poor driving
1.3 spillages or obstructions
1.4 mechanical failure
1.5 overloading, or incorrect loading
1.6 incorrect tyres/tyre pressure
1.7 gradients or changes in level
1.8 collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians
2 control measures
2.1 safe workplace
2.1.1 suitable and sufficient traffic routes
2.1.2 wide and stable enough for vehicles using them
2.1.3 free from obstructions, pot holes, spillages etc
2.1.4 regularly inspected and maintained
2.1.5 segregate pedestrians and vehicles wherever possible
2.1.6 crossing points where pedestrian/vehicle routes cross
2.1.7 eliminated need for reversing vehicles by one way systems or tuning areas
2.1.8 barriers to protect vulnerable plant
2.1.9 adequate signage
2.1.10 good lighting and fixed mirrors where necessary
2.1.11 speed limits, signs and restrictors
2.2 safe person
2.2.1 driver training and competence
2.2.2 training, licences, qualifications
2.2.3 age and experience
2.2.4 ongoing refresher training
2.2.5 attitude (mature and reliable)
2.2.6 keep appropriate training records
2.3 safe vehicle
2.3.1 rollover protection (rops)
2.3.2 falling object protection (fops)
2.3.3 seatbelts
2.3.4 regular inspection and maintenance
2.3.5 reversing alarms/CCTV
2.3.6 flashing beacons
2.3.7 lights/mirrors
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