Hand Tools

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Hand Tools
1 hazards
1.1 cuts (e.g. saws)
1.2 splinters
1.3 abrasion (e.g. files)
1.4 puncture injuries (e.g. nails)
1.5 impact (e.g. hammers)
1.6 flying particles/objects
1.7 portable power tools also have power source hazards and hazardous substances (oil, grease, etc)
2 defects
2.1 split shafts/handles
2.2 loose heads
2.3 missing handles
2.4 blunt blades
2.5 bent, worn and corroded tools
2.6 burred or mushrooms chisel heads
3 control measures
3.1 suitability - right tool for right job
3.2 inspection of told before use
3.3 defective tools removed from use immediately
3.4 good storage facilities and housekeeping
3.5 training e.g. in how to inspect tools
3.6 PPE - gloves, eye protection, etc
3.7 portable power tools may also require PAT testing, etc
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