Portable Electrical Equipment

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Portable Electrical Equipment
1 Hazards
1.1 unsuitable equipment
1.2 inadequate maintenace
1.3 defective apparatus
1.4 environmental conditions:
1.4.1 wet/damp
1.4.2 dust, etc
1.4.3 misuse/abuse
2 equipment checks
2.1 user checks
2.1.1 condition of cable - free from damage, no taped joints
2.1.2 plug - casing not cracked, pins not bent
2.1.3 outer cable sheath secured where it enters plug
2.1.4 external casing of equipment - free from damage
2.1.5 no evidence of wet or contamination
2.1.6 ensure test label is in date
2.2 formal visual inspection
2.2.1 all of the users checks, plus: remove plug cover and check fuse, check cord grip, check terminals are secure and no signs of internal damage
2.3 combined inspection and test
2.3.1 test using a portable appliance testing machine
3 frequency of maintenance
3.1 type of equipment - portable or fixed
3.2 voltage of quipment
3.3 manufacturer's/HSE recommendations
3.4 initial integrity and soundness
3.5 age
3.6 working environment
3.7 frequencny and duration of use
3.8 foreseeable abuse and/or likelihood of damage
3.9 modifications/repair history
3.10 previous maintenance history
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