Substance Misuse

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Substance Misuse
1 Effects of Alcohol and Drugs
1.1 Alters a person's perception of risk
1.2 impaired judgement and concentration
1.3 mood swings
1.4 irrtabiltly/aggression
1.5 poor time keeping
1.6 increased short-terms absenteeism
1.7 poor relationship with managers and colleagues
1.8 dishonesty and theft
2 Control Measures
2.1 clear policy on drugs and alcohol
2.2 awareness training for staff and managers
2.3 encourage those with a problem to seek help - confidentiality is important
2.4 confidential counselling and support
2.5 discipline as a last resort - try to help employees first
2.6 possibly drug screening and testing - implement with care
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