AS sociology- Topic One- couples-The domestic division of labour

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AS sociology- Topic One- couples-The domestic division of labour
1 Parsons (1955) functionalist
1.1 Instrumental role = Husband (Breadwinner)
1.2 Expressive role = Wife (Homemaker)
1.3 Argues the division of labour is based on biological differences.
1.3.1 DISAGREE - Young and Wllmott belive roles are becoming shared
1.3.2 DISAGREE - Feminists believe this only benefits men
1.3.3 AGREE - The New Right hold the same view
2 Bott (1957) two roles within marriage
2.1 segregated conjugal roles
2.1.1 couples have separate roles
2.2 joint conjugal roles
2.2.1 couples have joint roles
3 Young and Willmott
3.1 MARCH OF PROGRESS = family life becoming more equal and democratic for all members
3.1.1 DISAGREE- Feminists believe little has changed
3.2 Symmetrical Family = husband and wife have similar roles
3.2.1 REASONS FOR THE CREATION OF THE SYMMETRICAL FAMILY Changes in the position of women Full time work Geographic mobility Moving away from childhood areas New technology Labour saving devices e.g. washing machines Higher standards of living
4.1 Oakly (1974)
4.1.1 Symmetrical family is exaggerated, says 15% of men take part in housework & 25% in childcare taking and interest role AGREE - Warde and Heatherington believe sex typing of domestic tasks remains strong HOWEVER - There is a change in the attitude of younger men
4.2 Generational Change
4.2.1 Future Foundation's (2000) = 1000 adults 60% of men did more than their fathers and 75% of women did less than their mothers DISAGREE - Office For National Statistics - women spend over two and a half hours and men spend one hour of housework a day
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