Aquatic Life

Stanley Robinson
Mind Map by Stanley Robinson, updated more than 1 year ago
Stanley Robinson
Created by Stanley Robinson about 1 year ago


GCSE Art and Design Mind Map on Aquatic Life, created by Stanley Robinson on 01/17/2020.

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Aquatic Life
  1. Coral
    1. Structures
      1. Buildings
        1. Layering
    2. Submerged
      1. Under water architecture
        1. Semi-submerged
          1. Fully submerged
            1. Aqarium
              1. Natural aquarium
              2. Under water tunnel
          2. Water homes
            1. Solves overpopulation on land
              1. Land housing issues
              2. Buildings
                1. Water transport
                  1. Boat home
                2. Jellyfish
                  1. Domes
                  2. Bubbles
                    1. Domes
                      1. Glass
                    2. Designers
                      1. Vincent Callebaut
                        1. Nautilus eco-resort
                          1. Implemantation of nature
                          2. Futuristic
                            1. Modern
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