The causes behind rebellions in the reign of Edward IV and Mary I

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1 Socio-economic
1.1 Kett Rebellion
1.2 Wyatt
1.2.1 Peasants may have been fighting as a result of grievances for the declining cloth trade
2 Political
2.1 Northumberland
2.2 Wyatt
2.2.1 Desire to prevent Mary from marrying Philip II of spain Wyatt's motive: hatred for the Spanish due to witnessing of the Spanish Inquisition .
2.2.2 Rebels: Xenophobia 'prevent us from being over-run by strangers'
2.2.3 Loss of positions in court as a result of Philip bringing his own Spanish court
2.2.4 Mary recognised the political issues surrounding her marriage. As a result she made certain marriage agreements. One was that Philip was not a king of England in his own right.
3 Religious
3.1 Western Rebeliion
3.2 Wyatt
3.2.1 Led by protestant leaders: Wyatt and Sire James Croft
3.2.2 Only successful uprising was in Kent, a protestant stronghold
3.2.3 Link o
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