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Simplifying the hiring process.

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1 We want to be in a situation where people are looking to us for a job. We never want to be in a situation where we can't find people to work. This process should be automated as much as possible. Every business owner should interview at least 3-5 people each week.
1.1 Advertising For Positions
1.1.1 We will use a specially created ad to grasp the attention of those interested in employment. We will use the free/paid Classified sites that are targeted to our areas of need to draw an interest. This ad will be set up to have potential employees email us for more info about the job positions available. One this ad is set up right, we will never have to look for help again. Our inboxes will be filled with resumes' on a daily basis. Craigslist Quick Quarter Oodle The Advertiser The Advocate Backpage
1.2 Automation
1.2.1 The system of running the ads for exposure, having people inquire, receiving a resume', sending applications & HR documents, having a phone interview, and scheduling a face to face interview can all be automated. All that the Licensee would have to do is wait for a phone call, conduct a phone interview and schedule the face to face.
1.3 Hiring & Training
1.3.1 Once a potential staff members go through all of the steps and produces the required documents, it is now time for the Licensee to make a selection out of all candidates. Training should begin immediately and should continue for the length of employment.
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