Chapter 5: A Kind of Revolution

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Chapter 5: A Kind of Revolution
1 Incentives for joining the Revolution
1.1 Money, both from looted British supplies and from the new government.
1.2 Greater social status.
1.3 Freedom from British rule
1.4 Not being arrested for fleeing the draft.
1.5 Land (mostly taken from Loyalists)
2 Loyalists versus Revolutionaries
2.1 Many blacks, slaves, and friendly Indians supported the Loyalists, for the poor treatment given to them by the Revolutionaries.
2.2 Loyalists kept much of the land and money. This made the conflict between them rather class-based.
2.3 Most Loyalists didn't want to anger the significantly more powerful British Empire.
2.4 Loyalists were jailed, and their land was taken for the Revolutionaries' use.
2.5 The Loyalist/Revolutionary conflict was the main source of America's problems, before the British themselves.
3 American Revolutionaries
3.1 Grievous losses caused mutinies among American soldiers.
3.2 Ambushes, realpolitik, terrorism, and other underhanded tactics were used.
3.3 Soldiers were mostly drafted, and received basic training and equipment.
3.4 Towards the end of the war, almost anyone was accepted into the army.
3.5 Free white landowners only, at first. After a while, vagrants were allowed.
4 Results of the Revolution
4.1 Wealth and land redistributed to Revolutionaries. Slaves were given to new masters.
4.2 A new Constitution was written up, that was largely similar to the ones already in use.
4.3 The United States of America was founded, and promptly began starting conflicts with foreign countries.
4.4 Without a major financial incentive to provide money for England, there was less economic pressure to use slaves. This would eventually result in the abolition of slavery in the States.
4.5 The Americans were now free to expand as they wanted, without being restricted by England's land laws. This brought them into further conflict with Native Americans.
5 French Army
5.1 Benjamin Franklin was the main instigator behind France's involvement.
5.2 The leading cause of America's victories. Through superior force and technology, the French dealt massive blows to the British Empire.
5.3 Had it not been for France's assistance, the Americans most likely wouldn't have won.
5.4 Participated in the war to destabilize England's power base.
5.5 The Revolutionary War was largely fought through mercenaries and proxy armies. The French Army's assistance was no exception.
6 The American Revolution.
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