The Structure of the League of Nations

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GCSE History (Peacemaking and the League of Nations) Mind Map on The Structure of the League of Nations, created by lucye on 04/27/2015.

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The Structure of the League of Nations
  1. Assembly
    1. Meets once a year
      1. In Geneva
      2. Each country sends a representative
        1. Decisions must be unanimous
          1. Powers
            1. Recommend action to the council
              1. Admitting new members
                1. The budget
              2. Council
                1. Meets several times a year and for emergencies
                  1. Includes permanent members
                    1. Britain
                      1. France
                        1. Japan
                          1. Italy
                            1. Non permanent members voted in for 3 year periods
                            2. Permanent members have vetoes
                              1. Powers
                                1. Formal condemnations
                                  1. Order an inquiry
                                    1. Arbitration
                                      1. Sanctions
                                        1. Military force
                                      2. Secretariat
                                        1. Kept records of meetings
                                          1. Linguists
                                            1. Very under staffed
                                            2. Agencies
                                              1. Committees to deal with major problems
                                                1. Examples
                                                  1. International Labour Organisation
                                                    1. Slavery
                                                      1. Health
                                                        1. Refugees
                                                          1. Mandates (formerly German colonies)
                                                        2. The Permanent Court of International Justice
                                                          1. Settle disputes peacefully
                                                            1. No way of enforcing its rulings
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