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1 Define it: An oversimplified generalised set of ideas that we have about other (those who belong to a particular social or physical group)
1.1 We make a snap judgement of someone and assign them to a category
2 Advantages
2.1 When we dont have time to form a full impression of people we meet, it's helpful to make a snap judgemnet.
2.2 It helps us to remember information about others
2.3 Enable people to respond appropriately when meeting people for the first time
2.4 Enable us to fit in with their own group and feel a sense of belonging due to their shared beliefs
3 Disadvantages
3.1 Once learnt by children they can be difficult to overcome
3.2 Most stereotypes promote a harmful image
3.3 They stop people seeing the real person when they meet for the first time as it leads to assumptions
3.4 They lead people to view members of their outgroup in a negative way
3.4.1 Outgroup: Someone who doesnt have something in common with you
4 Practical Implications.
4.1 Research shows that most stereotypes promote harmful beliefs, therefore for those who meet someone new for the first time tend to make mistakes about them. Stereotypes can cause people to stop seeing what another person is really like.
4.2 Research shows that stereotypes can be hard to overcome by children, therefore as children learn by observing and imitating, the media to prevent stereotypes from being imitated by the children, for example: In Bob the builder, Wendy now works
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