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1 Victorian Period
1.1 Living Conditions
1.1.1 Jobs Match Girls Annie Besant Illness and injury Bryant and May Wedgewood Pottery Affordable New inventions Cared for workers Queens potter Mills Machinery Apprenticships Child labour
1.1.2 Homes Small One room - 2 families Dirty Lots of disease Rats Shared toilets
1.2 Titanic
1.2.1 Not enough lifeboats Lifeboats weren't full - 473 empty spaces Max capacity was 1178 - around 2000+ passengers
1.2.2 J Bruce Ismay - Director of White star line Thomas Andrews - designer of Titanic Harland and Wolff - builders Edward Smith - captain Jack Smith - Radio operator
2 WW1
2.1 The Schlieffen Plan
2.1.1 Failiure
2.1.2 Plan
2.2 Trench Warfare
2.2.1 Weapons
2.2.2 Trench Life
2.3 WHY???
2.3.1 Long Term Germany wants to be superpower = tension Germany vs Britain and France
2.3.2 Short Term
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