History, The Black Death

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History, The Black Death
    1. Jews
      1. people thought the Jews were the cause of the black death and they burned them thinking that it would help
      2. unclean air and bad smells
        1. people believed that unlean air had poisoned them so they decided to try and clean the air with fire
          1. miasma
          2. God
            1. a punishment from God for their sins
            2. The actual cause were fleas from gerbils carried over from the Black sea
              1. spread by human contact
              2. Symptoms
                1. 1 : buboes
                  1. 2 : vomiting
                    1. 4 : spasms
                      1. 3 : black patches under your skin
                        1. 5 : Death unless the buboes burst and then you would live and now be immune to the disease
                        2. Cures
                          1. Burn the Jews
                            1. Use fire to clean the air
                              1. pray and go to church
                                1. pop the buboes with hot iron needles
                                2. Facts
                                  1. 1348 - 1350
                                    1. 20 million people died
                                      1. worst catastrophe in Europe ever
                                        1. pope survived
                                          1. started in Venice when a ship came over which had the Gerbils with fleas
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