Haemorrhagic Diseases

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Haemorrhagic Diseases
1 Increased Vascular Fragility
1.1 Non- Thrombocytopenic purpura
1.2 1) Capillary Damage
1.2.1 Bacterial Toxins Ex. Septicemia
1.3 2) Chemical or Drug - Induced
1.3.1 Heavy metals, Pesticides, Salicylate (Aspirin)
1.4 3) Anaphylaxis or Allergy
1.5 4) Connective Tissue Disease
1.5.1 Ehlers - Danlos syndrome
1.5.2 Effects connective tissue of Endothelial walls
2 Inadequate Haemostatic response
2.1 Thrombocyte Deficiency or Dysfunction
2.1.1 Primary Thrombocytopenia Purpura Secondary Thrombocytopenia Purpura
2.1.2 Thrombocytopenia A) Decreased platelet production Ex. Bone marrow disease Bone marrow depleted of Megakaryocytes results in reduced platelets in blood May be Pancytopenia if all cell lines affected Diseases that depress bone marrow functions: Severe viral/bacteria/protozoal infections Plant toxicity Neoplasia B) Increased platelet destruction/utilization Usually idiopathic May be immune mediated Primary Immune mediated thrombocytopenia Ab directed at Megakaryocytes Secondary Immune mediated thrombocytopenia FIV, FeLV Non-Immune mediated DIC, Vasculitis Bone marrow may show Megakaryocyte hyperplasia Regeneration C) Platelet sequestration Usually only causes mild thrombocytopenia
2.1.3 Thrombopathias
2.2 Clotting Factor Deficiency or Derangement
2.2.1 Usually Familial & Congenital Haemophilia A - Factor VIII deficiency Von Willebrand's Disease (Factor VIII related protein) 3 types (Dogs) Results in poor platelet Rxn with Endothelial cells
2.2.2 Most commonly identified in dogs and cats
2.2.3 Aquired Coagulopathies Vitamin K antagonism (Co-factor for some enzymes involved in coagulation) Coumarin rodenticides Some plants Mouldy Melilotus Vitamin K Deficiency Secondary to maldigestion or malabsorption Liver failure Lack of production of coagulation factors

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