Energy & Body Weight

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Energy & Body Weight flow chart

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Energy & Body Weight
  1. Macro-Nutrient
    1. "Spares" protein
      1. Both Fats and Excess Carbs will spare Protein
        1. Excess Carbs spare both Protein and Fat
          1. Excess Fat spares protein and thus is stored
          2. Body's ability to store excess as fat
            1. FAT (90%) > CARBS (75%) > PROTEIN (58%)
            2. Energy
              1. Most Tissue = Blood glucose first, then glycogen, then stored fat, and protein last
                1. Nervous tissue = Blood glucose and glycogen first, then gluconeogenesis from fat & protein, ketogenesis from fats last
              2. Fasting
                1. After blood glucose is consumed, Liver glycogen is mobilized , Muslce glycogen mobilized last
                  1. Early Fasting - After blood Glycogen, Gluconeogensis coverts glycerol (from Triglycerides) and AA's to glucose A
                    1. Prolong Fasting - Ketones (from fatty acids) and gluconeogenesis (from glycerol & amino acids) supplies the brain, while other tissues switch to fatty acids and some deaminated amino acids
                    2. Ketosis
                      1. Ketone Bodies = Acetone, Acetoacetate & Beta-Hydroxybutrate
                        1. Detection - Urine test strips & Smell on breath
                      2. Normal Person glucose level during moderate exercise
                        1. Using glucose stored in blood between meals? Quarter of an hour
                          1. Using glycogen mobilized from liver? An hour and half more - Total 2 Hours
                            1. Fatigue can occur before muscle glycogen is depleted
                              1. Muscle glycogen is mobilized within the muscle but doesn't contribute to blood glucose
                                1. Gluconegensis from muscle AA's may be inadequate
                              2. BMR is calculated from weight
                                1. BEE is calculated from weight, height and age
                                  1. BMI measure of body fat based on height and weight
                                    1. Normal range 19-25
                                    2. Precise: Hydrostatic, Air Displacement Plethysmography, Bioelectric Impedance, Xray -Absorptiometry, Ultrasound, MRI and CT
                                      1. Less Precise: - ESTIMATION: Caliper Skinfold, Mid-arm Circumference, Abdominal Girth - SEVEN-SITE SKINFOLD is probably the most accurate of these
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