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Cytology Long Questions PMU 1st Year
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Pathology of Alimentary Tract 2 (Ruminant Forestomachs/ Glandular stomach)
Cytology PMU 1st Year
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Acids and Bases
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The Skeleton and Muscles
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General Pathoanatomy Final MCQs (301-400)- 3rd Year- PMU
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General Pathoanatomy Final MCQs (401-519)- 3rd Year- PMU
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General Pathoanatomy Final MCQs (201-300)- 3rd Year- PMU
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patho. practical slides
Histology- Epithelial Tissue PMU 1st Year
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1 Touch Imprints ("Impression Smears")
1.1 Rapid Dx of some external lesions & excised tissues (may be subsequently examined by histopath)
1.2 Yield fewer cells than scrapings
1.3 Risk of only detecting surface inflammation/blood or contaminants
2 Scrapings
2.1 Dx of some external lesion & excised tissue
2.1.1 Collects more cells than impression smears
2.2 Parasitology on skin
2.3 Scapel perpendicylar to surface being scraped
2.3.1 Blunt spatula for delicate tissues (Ex. Conjunctiva)
3 Fine Needle Aspirates (FNA)
3.1 Cutaneous masses, Internal masses & organs, lymph nodes, etc.
3.2 Avoids superficial contamination
3.3 Collects samples from deep within the lesion/tissue
3.4 Risk of coming out of small lesions, or missing them altogether
4 Swabs
4.1 Tissues which are not readily reached
4.1.1 Vagina, fistulous tracts
4.2 Cotton swabs moistened w/ 0.9% NaCl (Saline)
5 Squash Preparation
5.1 FNAs, viscous fluid samples, samples concentrated by centrifugation, samples w/ flecks of cellular material & Bone marrow aspirates
5.2 Spreader (top) slide can be at right angles or parallel to the sample slide
6 Blood/Fluid smear technique
6.1 Blood smears, fluids of medium to high cellularity, samples concentrated by centrifugation