Sex and gender

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Sex and gender
1 Biological theory
1.1 Ignores Idea that gender roles may be learnt
1.2 Chromosomes lead to gonads which produce hormones, they affect the brain which affects our behaviour
1.2.1 Chromosomes - Men:XY Women:XX
1.2.2 Main Hormone - Men: Testosterone Women: Oestrogen
2 Alternative theory - Freud
2.1 Argued we had underlying and instinctive behaviour which causes our behaviour
2.1.1 Our libido is the drive within us that dictates our gender behaviour
2.2 At age of 4 child enters the phallic stage of development
2.2.1 Oedipus for boys and Electra for girls
2.2.2 Libido develops desire for opposite sex Fear same sex parent finding out and taking drastic action against them Boys fear father will castrate them (removal of penis) Girls think they have already been castrated and suffer penis envy, feel less than boys To deal with fear/anxiety they identify with same sex parent and start copying their actions to try and replace them to gain gratification from opposite sex parent
3 Core study -Diamond & Sigmundson
3.1 1965 twins born called Bruce & Brian
3.1.1 During routine circumcision at 8 months old Bruce had penis burnt off Money advised family To bring Bruce up as a female, at 17 months old Bruce had his testes removed to stop male hormones Started taking female hormones Still showed masculine behaviour and features Age 13 discovered truth from parents and stopped taking female hormones and hatred to act more like a boy Had sex operation to become a male again and got married and adopted wife's kids Committed suicide at ages of 38 in 2004
4 Applications
4.1 Psychologists have founds boys have better maths & science skills and girls better language & social
4.1.1 Boy /girl classes Different teaching styles
4.1.2 Enter text here
4.1.3 Make 1:1 more available
4.1.4 Find out students best learning styles
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