The Ottomans

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The Ottomans
  1. Social Structure
    1. Men of the pen e.g. scientists,lawyers,architects
      1. Men of religion e.g. Imama and judges
        1. Men of swords e.g. solider
      2. Men of negotiation e.g. Merchants, craftsman,artisans
        1. Men of husbandry e.g. farmers and hearders
          1. slaves
            1. Most were Russian and Ukraine
              1. usually Christian and forced to covert to Islam
            2. Janissaries
              1. Slaves whom competed military training
                1. Sultans elite military force
              2. Social Spaces
                1. The grand bazaar
                  1. It was a market that sold all sorts of products from many places
                  2. The caravanserai
                    1. A place for merchants and camels to rest and recuperate
                    2. The Coffee House
                      1. A place were men could play games and socialise in small goups
                      2. The Hamam
                        1. As most houses did not have a bathroom, they went to the bath house
                      3. The Sultan
                        1. Responsabilites
                          1. Uphold Islamic law
                            1. Expected to lead his troops into battle
                              1. His subjects prosperity
                          2. Role
                            1. Make laws the people had to follow
                              1. What money was spent on
                                1. What taxes they paid
                                  1. Finial decision whether or not they went to battle
                          3. Fratricide
                            1. Killing amongst brothers were common in the royal family
                              1. Advantages
                                1. Able to become sole inheritor of money
                                  1. Free from any oppositions or threats
                                  2. Disadvantages
                                    1. your family line could potenially be eradicated
                                      1. Loss of family member
                                  3. The Governours
                                    1. To rule from nobility the outer provinces on the sultans behalf
                                      1. advantage:Easier to rule empire as expand in size
                                      2. Grand Vizier
                                        1. Highest rulling officials
                                          1. Advantage:Put into action sultans laws/advised the sultan and some of the administrative work
                                        2. Vlema
                                          1. Religious scholars, administrators, judges/made sure laws were in line with Islamic law
                                          2. Imperial Women
                                            1. Mother of Sultan/ ruled until sultan mature/
                                              1. Advantages:Trusted adviser/had time to grow up
                                            2. Achievements
                                              1. Mosques
                                                1. Topkahi palace
                                                  1. Art
                                                    1. Turghas
                                                      1. Miniatures
                                                        1. Carpet weaving
                                                      2. Relationship with subjects
                                                        1. Was tolerant towards different religions
                                                          1. Entitled to protection from their ruler called "Dihama"
                                                            1. In return they were expected to pay tax
                                                            2. Millet system
                                                              1. Allowed each community to govern itself
                                                                1. They were allowed to practise their own religion and have their own rulers
                                                                  1. Responsiable fro school and welfare
                                                            3. Suleyman I
                                                              1. Ruled for 46 years
                                                                1. Oversaw the Golden Age
                                                                2. Empire
                                                                  1. Led army into 13 campaigns
                                                                    1. Brought holy cities Mecca, Medina and Jeuralem
                                                                3. Legacies
                                                                  1. Grand bazaar
                                                                    1. Coffee shops
                                                                    2. Fairer laws
                                                                      1. religious tolerance
                                                                        1. traditional clothes
                                                                          1. Architecture
                                                                            1. Colums/arches/topahi palace
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