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Elements of the Novel


Book project
Mind Map by kelista.jacobs, updated more than 1 year ago
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Elements of the Novel
  1. Message/Theme: That someone has a friend with them threw hard times.
    1. Theme
      1. How the theme is shown in the book- When Kyle dies, max is there with Justin. And when Max is traumatized, Justin is there for Max
        1. Main Conflict
          1. Justin's Brothers Best friend is smuggling guns over the border.
            1. Cause- Tyler was faking the Army out for guns
            2. Setting
              1. Time- Present day
                1. Location- Lufkin,Texas
                2. Characters
                  1. Max
                    1. A very fun, loving Dog
                      1. Serious, very focused on his job
                      2. Justin
                        1. very sassy to his dad.
                          1. Very spunky, he finishes what he starts
                          2. Tyler
                            1. Rude, and mean to Justin
                              1. Evil, bad, and cruel
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