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Civil War Felix Mitchell
1 Abraham Lincoln
1.1 President
1.1.1 Wrote and delivered gettysburg address
2 General Lee
2.1 Confederate Generals
2.1.1 Jeb Stuart Wasn't performing his duties during the first day of "Battle of Gettysburg"
2.1.2 General james long-street
2.1.3 General Ewell
3 Union Generals
3.1 George G.Meade
3.2 Sherman
4 Battle of gettysburg:First day
4.1 General Lee cut across Northern Maryland into Southern Pennsylvania
4.1.1 Lee's forces gathered in Gettysburg Union soldiers run into Confederates at Gettysburg South pushes North back.
4.2 July 1863
4.3 Pennsylvania,gettysburg
5 Battle of Gettysburg: Second Day
5.1 Gettysburg,Pennsylvania
5.1.1 July 2nd 1863
5.2 Lee orders an attack on the left side of the union line.
5.2.1 The confederates attacked cemetery hill and Culp's Hill. It was unsuccessful The confederates did manage to take a few trenches on Culp's Hill.
6 Battle of Gettysburg: Pickett's charge
6.1 July 3rd 1863
6.2 1 mile at cemetery ridge. Long street tells Lee not too attack, Lee attacks anyways.
6.3 The confederates shoots cannons at cemetery ridge. Pickett charges cemetery ridge. Pickett's men get blown away by cannons. Meade does not pursue.
6.3.1 So Lee's troops will never again attack North.Britain wouldn't help the confederacy. Pickett's charge proved a disaster for the Confederate attackers. Fewer then half of them survived.
7 Gettysburg was a turning point in the war. Lee's troops would never again launch an attack in the North
9 Aftermath of Gettysburg
10 The Gettysburg Address
10.1 November 19th 1863
10.2 Ideals of Liberty,equality and Democracy
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