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Civil War Mind Map

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Civil War: Hannah Elumbaugh
1 Battles
1.1 First Battle of Bull Run
1.1.1 Generals McDowell Union Pierre G.T. Beaurgard Union Joseph E. Johnston Union Thomas ¨Stonewall¨ Jackson Confederate McClellan Union Robert E. Lee Union
1.1.2 Manassas Virginia
1.1.3 First Major Battle Of The Civil War
1.1.4 First Battle Of Manassas VA
1.1.5 Joseph E. Johnston headed toward Manassas with another 10,000 Confederate troops. By July 21,1861, they all had arrived
1.1.6 Union crossed the creek and drive back the left side of the Confederate line.
1.1.7 Union won
1.2 Seven Days Battle
1.2.1 Manassas Virginia
1.2.2 Generals McClellan Union D.H. Hill Confederate John Pope Union Robert E. Lee Union
1.2.3 Forced Union Army to retreat to Richmond.
1.2.4 Confederate won
1.2.5 Lincoln ordered John Pope to march directly on Richmond.
1.2.6 Jackson wanted to defeat Pope's army before it could join up with McClellan's larger army.
1.3 Second Battle Of Bull Run
1.3.1 Manassas Virginia
1.3.2 Generals John Pope Union Thomas ¨Stonewall¨ Jackson Confederate Robert E. Lee Union
1.3.3 The first day's fighting was savage.
1.3.4 The second day, Pope hurled his men against the Confederates.
1.3.5 The third day, the Confederates crushed the Union army's assault and forced to retreat.
1.3.6 Confederate won
1.4 Battle Of Antietam
1.4.1 Generals Robert E. Lee Union McClellan Union A. H. Nickerson Union
1.4.2 It was the bloodiest single day battle in U.S. history.
1.4.3 By the end of the day, the Union lost 12,000 soldiers and the Confederate lost 13,000.
1.4.4 McClellan kept four divisions of soldiers in reserve and refused to use them to attack.
1.4.5 Manassas Virginia
1.4.6 Slight Union VICTORY
1.5 Clash of The IronClads
1.5.1 Engineer John Ericsson
1.5.2 Hampton Virginia
1.5.3 Ironclads were made so the ships would become harder to damage.
1.5.4 Confederate stole the Unions Merrimack, and turned it into the Virginia.
1.5.5 The Clash of The Ironclads signaled a revolution in naval warfare.
1.5.6 Union Won
1.6 Battle of Shiloh
1.6.1 Generals Grant Union Johnston Killed on first day Union
1.6.2 Farragut Union
2 Important People
2.1 Abraham Lincoln
2.1.1 President
2.1.2 Wrote and delivered Gettysburg Address
2.2 African Americans
2.2.1 slaves, treated cruely
2.3 Women
2.3.1 Clara Barton Founded the American Red Cross for wounded soldiers
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