Civil War

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Civil War
  1. Battles
    1. First battle of bull run
      1. Generals
        1. Generals
          1. General Mcdowell
            1. Side: North control the best route road to the confederate capital
              1. Stone wall jackson
      2. Abraham Lincoin
        1. wrot and delivered the Gettyburg Adress
          1. President
          2. Seven Day´s Battle
            1. Richond virginia
              1. In 1962
                1. Generals George MCclellan he was in North union
                  1. North retreated because they were bring killed in massve number
                    1. who won south wins the the battles
                      1. Battle of Gettysburg
                        1. Emmits burg road
                          1. when july ,3 1863
                            1. Lee,george pickett
                              1. for over an hour the confederates shelled cemetery
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