Leon Trotsky - career up until 1917

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A mind map showing the life and career of Russian revolutionary, Leon Trotsky.

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Leon Trotsky - career up until 1917
1 Early life
1.1 He was born Lev Davidoch Bronstein on November 71879 in Yanovka, Ukraine (then part of Russia.
1.2 Became involved in underground activities as teenager. Arrested, jailed and exiled to Siberia. Here - he decided to join the Social Democratic Party.
1.2.1 Eventually escaped exile in Siberia and spent majority of the next 15 years travelling.
2 1903 - Split of the Social Democratic Party
2.1 Vladimir Lenin became leader of the Bolsheviks (majority fraction).
2.2 Trotsky became a member of the Menshevik party (minority fraction).
2.2.1 Developped his theory of permanent revolution.
3 Trotsky's return to Russia
3.1 Returned during February revolution (1917)
3.1.1 Joined the Bolshevik party and cooperated with Lenin despite being rivals and encouraged the communist take over.
4 Communist government
4.1 His first job was Foreign Commissar. Here he negotiated peace terms with Germany.
4.1.1 Became war commissar - created the Red Army who fought against the White Russian forces in the Civil War. Important role in keeping Bolshevik party alive. Saw himself as equal to Lenin. Had few friends and was unpopular - arrogant and had Jewish heritage.
5 Lenin's death
5.1 After Lenin died, Trotsky was outvoted by Stalin.
5.1.1 He was thrown out of the part in 1927. Exiled both internally and externally but continued to criticise Stalin through his writing.
6 Death
6.1 Settled in Mexico in 1936.
6.2 August 20th 1940, assassin called Ramon Mercader, as ordered by Stalin, stabbed Trotsky with an ice pick and he died the following day.
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