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Women's Rights Movement


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Women's Rights Movement
  1. Cult of Domesticity -19th century
    1. Piety-Women must stay religious.
      1. Purity- A woman must stay pure (a virgin) until her wedding night; a "gift" for her husband.
        1. Submissiveness- Women should to submit to men, especially their husbands.
          1. Domesticity- A woman's place is in the home.
    2. 1850s
      1. Elizabeth Stanton and Susan B. Anthony meet
        1. 1869
          1. The National Woman Suffrage Association is formed
            1. Lucy Stone forms the American Women Suffrage Association
              1. Wyoming became the first state to grant women's rights.
      2. 1890s
        1. Two associations come together to form the NAWSA
          1. Colorado, Utah, and Idaho allow women's suffrage.
        2. 1910- 1914
          1. Washington, California, Arizona, Kansas, Oregon, Illinois, and Montana allow women's suffrage.
            1. Alice Paul forms the NWP
              1. Women's suffrage parade-1913
                1. Carrie Chapman Catt becomes president of NWP-1915
                  1. Alice and members of the NWP arrested for petitioning in front of the white house during a war- 1917
                    1. 19th amendment ratified-August 26th, 1920
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