Women's Rights Movement

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Women's Rights Movement
1 Cult of Domesticity
1.1 Purity
1.1.1 Women had to be pure. Women's virginity was a gift. It was the wifes job to keep the husband happy.If the husband cheated it's because the wife wasn't keeping him happy and it was okay for him to do this.
1.2 Piety
1.2.1 Religion was a good thing for women. 1820's-1830's women were thought as a new Eve working with God.
1.3 Submissivness
1.3.1 Clothing (corset). Women should always submit
1.4 Domesticity
1.4.1 Women stay home. Mens place is at work.
1.5 Women stay home and taking care of the house
1.6 Again women were suppose to stay home
2 1848 First women's rights gathering at Seneca Falls.
2.1 1850 Anthony and Stanton met
2.1.1 1869,First state to grant women to vote was Wyoming. Also the NWSA was created by Anthony and Stanton. 1878, A women's suffrage amendment introduced 1890, NAWSA was formed 1893, Colorado granted women to vote 1896, Utah and Idaho gave women the right to vote 1913, Paul and a young quaker started the rival congressional union. 1918, House of Rep passed voting rights amendment but the war came, therefore it was delayed. 1920, The 19th amendment. 1917, President Wilson urged congress to pass a voting amendment.
3 Alice Paul fought for the 19th amendment.
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