Women's right movement

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Women's right movement
  1. Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth
    1. Seneca Falls meeting (1850)
      1. Other meetings
    2. Alice Pual
      1. Parade at the white house
        1. First "victory" for women (1913)
          1. Only certain states allowed women to vote (1910)
            1. (NAWSA) National American women suffrage association
              1. President Wilson urged congress to pass a voting right amendment (1917)
                1. 19th Amendment was passed allowing women the right to vote (1920)
                  1. congress got together to vote for or not for women
                    1. A man with a red rose (not for) voted for women
          2. Cult of Domesticity
            1. Submissivness
              1. Clothing, shape of body
              2. Purity
                1. -Pure, Wives job to keep husband happy
                2. Domesticity
                  1. Men work Women stay home
                  2. Piety
                    1. Religion
                    2. 1850
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