Women's Movement

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Women's Studies

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Women's Movement
  1. Susan B. Anthony / Elizabeth Stanton
    1. Started the National Women's Suffrage Association.
      1. Stanton had to stay home because of marriage but Anthony traveled around giving speeches.
        1. The 2 later split because Stanton found the vote less important as she got older.
          1. Stanton organized the Seneca Falls Convention.
          2. Cult of Domesticity
            1. Believed that Suffragists were unladylike.
              1. Thought that the women's place was the home.
                1. The 4 traits they believed in was purity, piety, submissiveness, and domesticity.
                  1. Godey's Lady's Book
                  2. Alice Paul
                    1. Got her Ph.D. in 1912
                      1. Went on hunger strikes in jail while in London.
                        1. Faught for women's suffrage.
                          1. Formed the National Women's Party along with Lucy Burns.
                            1. Was the leading figure in passing the 19th Amendment
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