Womens Rights movement

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Womens Rights movement
  1. Cult of Domesticity
    1. Purity
      1. Piety
        1. Submissivness
          1. Domesticity
            1. During the 1820 and the civil war time period
              1. How women were expected to live
              2. Susan B. Anthony/ Elizabeth Stanton
                1. partners in fighting for sufferage
                  1. The 2 together created NWSA(1869)
                    1. They formed a permanent friendship
                      1. 1890 the NAWSA was led by Stanton and Anthony
                        1. First meeting at Seneca Falls
                          1. Susan B. Anthony gave her speech
                          2. Alice Paul
                            1. Womens rights activitst
                              1. Formed the Congressional Union
                                1. 1910 she became involved in Womens suffarage
                                  1. Member of the NAWSA
                                    1. Joined the womens suffarage movement in Britian in 1906 -1909
                                      1. She eventually left the NAWSA to form the Congressional Union
                                        1. In October and november Paul was put in jail for protesting
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