Alliance System: International Relations

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Alliances of the European Countries Late 1800-1900s

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Alliance System: International Relations
  1. Dual Entente:Franco-Russia (1894)
    1. Reasons
      1. Germany and A.H create an alliance (1879)
        1. Had an Anti-Russian character
          1. Following the flare up of tension in the Balkans in 19870's.
        2. Russia and France naturally hostile towards Germany
          1. Russia needed an alliance to take the potential threat of the Triple Alliance seriously.
            1. Both want to be protected from Germany
            2. Terms
              1. If France is attacked by Germany or Italy (supported by Germany), Russia should use all her available forces to attack Germany.
                1. France shall employ all of her available forces if Russia is attacked by Germany or A.H supported by Germany to attack Germany
                  1. Any forces of the Triple Alliance or anyone of their Allies should be mobilised, France and Russia immediately and simultaneously the whole of their forces.
                    1. All available forces to be employed against Germany shall engage to the full with such speed that Germany have to fight simultaneously on the East and West.
                      1. The General Staffs of the Armies of the 2 countries shall cooperate w/ each other at all times in preparation and facilitation of the execution of the measure mentioned.
                        1. Russia and France shall not conclude peace separately.
                          1. The present Convention shall have the same duration as the Triple Alliance.
                            1. All of the terms should be kept absolutely secret.
                            2. Impact on International Relations
                              1. France and Russia regarded stronger as they have Allies.
                                1. Have a stronger force compared to being w/out allies
                                  1. Have a plan to prepare for conflict with Germany if that occurs.
                                2. Dual Alliance: Germany & Austria Hungary (1879)
                                  1. Impact on International Relations.
                                    1. Terms were aimed at Russia.
                                      1. Dual Alliance was renewed and was in place the time of WWI in 1914
                                        1. Naturally caused great concern for France and Russia in particular whom faced potentially hostile bloc of Germany and A.H on its central borders.
                                        2. Led to the creation of The Triple Alliance.
                                        3. Terms
                                          1. If either country was attacked by Russia the other would provide full military support
                                            1. if either country was attacked by a country other than Russia the other would observe 'Benevolent Neutrality' (it would not involve itself but might lend non-military support).
                                              1. The agreement would remain secret between the two powers.
                                                1. The agreement would last 5 years with expectation that it would renew every 3 years thereafter.
                                                2. Reasons
                                                  1. A.H empire starts to decrease and Germany want to become stronger
                                                    1. Germany didn't want to tie A.H to United Germany but wanted to support A.H still without physically joining countries.
                                                      1. Allowed A.H to become stronger.
                                                        1. Had a common enemies and intrests
                                                      2. Triple Alliance: Germany, Austria Hungary and Italy (1882)
                                                        1. Terms
                                                          1. Germany and Italy would support eachother if either was attacked by France.
                                                            1. If Germany, Austria or Italy was attacked by another power,they would give eachother mutual support.
                                                              1. If A.H went to war with Russia, Italy would remain neutral.
                                                                1. As with the Dual Alliance, the Triple Alliance was to be secret.
                                                                2. Reasons
                                                                  1. Italy joined because it wanted to reduce the possibility of conflict and territorial rivarly with Austria over Istria and Tyrol
                                                                    1. Italy was a useful ally against France as dispute over Tunisia, promoted Italy to talk with Germany and A.H.
                                                                    2. Impact on International Relations
                                                                      1. Italy had more protection than on its own.
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