ICT2104 Chapter 1 - Introduction

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ICT2104 Chapter 1 - Introduction
1 Digital
1.1 Finite Sets of values
1.2 limit the number of representable signals, but they are easily remembered and reproduced
1.3 Time-and Value discrete
1.4 Binary data words
1.5 Simple procedural data processing, programming, scalable
1.6 Easy to store data and scalable
1.7 High rate of data transfer at large data bus
1.8 Simple Checksum to adjust disturbances
1.9 Low design complexity due to increasing automation
2 Computers
2.1 A programmable machine designed to automatically carry out a sequence of arithmetic or logical operations.
3 Microcontroller
3.1 Contains the processing unit, memory and required peripheral support.
4 Analogue
4.1 Physical Signals
4.2 Signal varies continuously across infinite values
4.3 Allows infinite number of unique signals but hard to reproduce
4.4 Time-and Value continuous
4.5 Complex data processing, may be limited for some functions
4.6 Difficult to store data
4.7 Maximal Bit-rate per signal line and power
4.8 High sensitivity towards disturbance and noise
4.9 High design complexity, mostly manual
5 Signals
5.1 Representation
5.1.1 Analog Signal Time and value continuous
5.1.2 Discrete Time Signal Time discrete and value continuous
5.1.3 Digital Signal Time and value discrete
5.2 Sampling
5.2.1 A process to convert a signal into a numeric sequence
5.2.2 fs > 2 × fmax
5.3 Digitization
5.3.1 Representation by a discrete set of points.
5.3.2 Done using ADC
6 Information Representation
6.1 Waveforms
6.1.1 Rising Edge: 0 to 1
6.1.2 Falling Edge: 1 to 0
6.2 Bit: Either 1 or 0
6.3 Byte: 8 bits
6.4 Word: 16 bits
6.5 Kilo = 1K = 2^10
6.6 Mega = 1M = 2^20
6.7 Giga = 1G = 2^30
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