Incorporating Digital Technology into the Japanese Classroom

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Incorporating Digital Technology into the Japanese Classroom
  1. Quizzes for vocabulary
    1. video embedded quizzes to practise listening skills
      1. create online manga comic skit to demonstrate language knowledge
        1. WebQuests on cultural content
          1. online surveys to practise daily routines related grammar structure and vocabulary
            1. create discussion pages where students can respond to question about topical issue posed by the teacher
              1. create digital stories to demonstrate efficiently new content so that more time can be spent on practice.
                1. create plays of Japanese myths or fables from script to production
                  1. create documentaries on topical Japanese issues
                    1. create virtual tour of Japan using photostory-style apps
                      1. watch vieos of cultural aspects of Japanese life
                        1. ask student to create an explain everything or similar program video to create digital stories of how to remember kanji/hiragana/katakana
                          1. students create a video to enter into Japan Foundation video competition; practise speaking, reading, listening writing skills
                            1. use discussion forums to continue discussion and exploration of Jpanese issues inside and outside the classroom
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