Face: The Play - The Prologue

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A scene description of the prologue. What happens and what could be included and why. WJEC GCSE Drama - Unit 3

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Face: The Play - The Prologue
1 Characters Involved
1.1 Narrative Martin
1.2 Present Martin
1.3 Past Martin
1.4 Mum
1.5 Dad
1.6 Natalie
1.7 Mark
1.8 Street Voices
1.8.1 2
1.8.2 3
1.8.3 4
1.8.4 5
1.8.5 6
1.8.6 1
2 Sets the scene to the whole play
2.1 Narrative Martin briefly describes what happens
2.1.1 "How i went from the gang of three - to the gang of me" Became independent
3 The use of street voices
3.1 Makes the scene abstract
3.1.1 Creates effect
3.2 Engages the audience
3.2.1 Causes effect
4 Props
4.1 Hospital Bed
4.1.1 "Present Martin takes a place on a hospital bed"
5 Atmosphere
5.1 Dim Lighting
5.1.1 Creates an atmosphere and a mood for the audience
5.1.2 Effect Abstract
5.2 Smoke Machine
5.2.1 Effect
5.2.2 Symbolises the climatic accident yet to come An eerily atmosphere Audience feels sympathy for Martin as he was a victim
6 Stage
6.1 In The Round
6.1.1 "The three Martins walk on stage, face each other, look closely. They circle as they put up a hand to touch the skin on their faces, suddenly recoil." 3 Martins walk to the centre of the stage Audience can see clearly that an accident has/ about to happen Make Up A sophisticated art which clearly shows the audience the affect the crash had on Martin Something yet to come A constant reminder of the crash
6.1.2 Abstract
6.1.3 Street Voices stand in gaps between the audience to make them feel engaged in the performance. Makes them feel involved
7 "turning to face the rest of the cast"
7.1 Shows that people care about Martin
7.2 Make them aware of what happended to Martin
7.2.1 To teach the audience a lesson A statement that needs to be heard. So no one suffers what he has suffered.
8 Street Voices
8.1 Abstract
8.2 Creates effect
8.2.1 Witnesses of the accident
9 The Sound Montage
9.1 Creates an effect
9.1.1 Sounds which could be played throughout the performance to enhance the audiences engagement
9.1.2 Abstract
9.2 "A sound montage build: school voices, feet in corridors, school bell, car tyres screech, crash, broken glass, sirens, heart monitor. Then sudden silence."
9.2.1 The sounds go in chronological order to the events they are associated with
9.2.2 The fact the montage "builds" up creates effect because the audience understands something tradgic will happen Entice the audience to watch what happens next
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