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This Self Study is a reflection of three key questions focused on throughout the semester. Although many observation and realizations have been made, more study and reflection is something that I am interested in continuing.

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Self Study
  1. 1.1 What does "deep knowledge" look like?
    1. research
      1. new ideas
        1. practice fresh approaches
          1. deep student knowledge vs. deep instructor knowledge
            1. Accepting different perspectives
              1. Flexible to change
                1. Always knowing where to locate information
                  1. Utilizing all resources at your disposal
                    1. Knowing when you don't know something
                    2. 2.8 What are the best tools to informally assess learning within different content areas?
                      1. anecdotal records
                        1. student recorded data
                          1. Don't be afraid to use alternative assessments that differ from the convenient methods.
                            1. Don't reinvent the wheel!
                              1. Spelling Inventory
                                1. Oral Readings
                                  1. Academic Conversations
                                    1. Know when current assessments aren't enough
                                    2. 4.6 How can you differentiate between a language learning barrier and cognitive or skill development?
                                      1. Assessing data
                                        1. Observation
                                          1. Connection with parents
                                            1. Conversational Assessments
                                              1. Work with the EL teacher and support staff
                                                1. Differentiate instruction
                                                  1. Allow supports for learning
                                                    1. Know student's background
                                                      1. Informal/Formal Assessment
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