Elements of a Novel 2

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Elements of a Novel 2
  1. saving mr. terupt
    1. Theme
      1. Theme: Take action if you believe it's right!
        1. In the book saving mr. terupt, Luke found out that the budget of the school is going to take out some of the teachers and Mr Terupt is one of them so the group has to find a way to help Mr. Terupt.
        2. Main Conflict
          1. In the book, the group breaks up but then the group finds out about Mr. Terupt.
            1. Cause- They tried to save Mr. Terupt by first doing a fundraiser in the schools but that didn't work so the group told all the kids from the middle school and high school to just sit until they let Mr. Terupt stay but that didn't work.
            2. Setting
              1. The Junior High
                1. September-June
                2. Characters
                  1. Luke
                    1. Smart
                      1. Nice
                      2. Peter
                        1. mean/nice
                          1. wrestler
                          2. Jeffrey
                            1. wrestler
                              1. Nice
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