Unification of Italy

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Italian History, following the unification of Italy 11859-1870 and problems that the liberal government faced

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Unification of Italy
1 Pre unification congress of Vienna was divided into 8 states
1.1 Different dialects
1.1.1 Cultural Problems Few people had been involved in the unification process and so were instead loyal to there local region rather than italy Little sense of Italian pride and what it meant to them Problems the Liberal Government faced Religion Opposition from the Church Pope lost land and power Previous domination of the papal state diminished and believed that it blocked religious freedom Priests hesped set up unrest amongst peasantry Pope warned people not to participate in the new state and no to vote Catholics only true religion opposed socialism Economic and social Little development in industry compared to the great powers and the rest of the nations South lacked resources War of unification left the government with extortionate debt which led to rise in taxes segragation between Northern elite and southern peasentry Politics Army was a prop to royal authoriy Priorities to budget, increase tax without concern for the poor Transformio Bribery manoevering corruption Notion of real Italy concerning the daily lives of ordinary people and legal Italy refering to the government and individual interests and concerns as elite Vote based upon literate skills Opposition groups begin to form = increase in instability International/ regional issues Italia Irredenta Areas populated with Italians owned by Austria European affairs dominated by the great powers
2 Achieved between 1859 - 1870
2.1 The once all powerful Roman empire long since passed
2.1.1 Founded upon beliefs of risorgmento (Italy rising again)
3 1886 Italy gains Venetia from the Austro-Prussian war, and in 1970 the French garrison which had been guarding the pope dince 1848 revolutions withdrew
4 Count Cavour ( PM Piedmont 1857- 61) unified the North
4.1 Moderate liberals aimed to create a liberal independent state in the North of Italy
4.1.1 Geographical unity all they could claim
4.1.2 1870 the new kindgdom of Italy encompasses the majority of the Italian Peninsular]
5 Revolutionary Garibaldi Unified the south
5.1 1861 Garibaldi hands over his conquests to the King of the newly unified North Victor Emmanuel
5.2 Garibaldi and Napolean were also important in the role of the unification of Italy
5.2.1 Napoleon sent over 100,000 troops to help expel Austria in exchange for Nice and Savoy for France
5.2.2 Garibaldi radical nationalist popular with the masses, aimed to liberate the masses, trusted Emmanuel. Attempted several marches on Rome to gain it for Italy Rome becomes capital in 1971
5.2.3 Joins a peasant revolt in Sicily and conquers SIcily and Naples
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