Evaluation of the Biological Approach

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Evaluation of the Biological Approach
1 The biological approach adopts scientific objective methods of investigation, including scanning techniques. This means the biological approach is based on reliable data (uses scientific methods)
2 Some of the explanations are too simplistic and cannot fully explain complex human behaviours. This means the biological approach can be said to be reductionist as if often fails to consider the environment
3 Provides clear predictions of behaviour which has led to applications in the real world. Understanding the biological processes in the brain has lead to the development of psychoactive drugs that treat mental disorders, although these drugs aren't effective for all patients
4 Research suggests that a genetic basis for criminal behaviour can have implications. It could led to screening populations to identify those with a predisposition for criminality. This also creates the danger that genes may be used as convenient explanations for complicated behaviour, which has implications for the legal system
5 Memory: evolved because it provides advantages towards exams, recognition, jobs and experience
6 Attachment to a primary caregiver is adaptive; care, love,protection, food and frienship
7 Mental Disorders (OCD); evidence of genetic basis, so genes must have some adaptive advantage - organisation, cleaning, focus

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