understanding team motivation

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understanding team motivation
1 The meaning of motivation
1.1 Drive to behave in a certain way
1.2 Decision to start an activity
1.3 Effort to complete an activity
1.4 Enthusiasm
1.5 Willingnesss
1.6 Pursuit of a goal
1.7 incentive to complete an activity
2 Factors that effect the level of motivation of team members
2.1 Factors that motivate positively
2.1.1 Reward: (financial, praise, recognition, celebrating success
2.1.2 Shared vision and values
2.1.3 Feeling valued
2.1.4 Fostering of creativity
2.1.5 Stretching talents
2.1.6 Feedback
2.1.7 Aspirations encouraged
2.2 Negative motivation
2.2.1 Favouritism
2.2.2 Excessive workload
2.2.3 Lack of recognition
2.2.4 Not feeling appreciated
2.2.5 Pay and working conditions
3 Techniques that can be used to motivate team members
3.1 Regular team briefings
3.2 Team reviews
3.3 Team and individual goal settings
3.4 Support
3.5 Rewards
3.6 Constructive feedback
3.7 Incentives
3.8 One to one meetings
3.9 Setting a good example
3.10 Equal treatment of all team members
3.11 Consistency and fairness
3.12 Offering learning and development opportunities for team members
3.13 Encouraging aspirations
3.14 providing opportunities for stretching talents
4 How motivated staff affects an organisation
4.1 Customer relations/ retentions
4.2 Work output
4.3 Profitability
4.4 Growing customer base
4.5 Business performance
4.6 Retention of staff
4.7 Reputation
4.8 Recruitment: (Costs reduced, better applicants, staff turnover reduced)
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