Impact of change within a team

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Impact of change within a team
  1. Typical reasons for organisational change
    1. Takeover, merger, methods of working location of work
      1. Job roles, reporting relationships, rebranding technology
      2. Typical reasons for change
        1. Activities of competitors
          1. Desire for growth
            1. Improvements in technology
              1. Desire to improve processes
                1. Government regulations
                  1. Survival
                  2. Excepting change positively
                    1. Maintaining quality and quantity of work
                      1. Understanding new requirements
                        1. Identifying benefits of change
                          1. Effective implementation of change
                            1. Support team members
                              1. Maintain optimistic outlook
                                1. Maintain outlook of work
                                  1. Enhance opportunities for team members to develop new skills
                                  2. Negative responses to change
                                    1. Resistance to change
                                      1. Reduced motivation
                                        1. Loss of team members
                                          1. Reduced productivity
                                            1. Failure to meet business needs
                                              1. Increased stress
                                                1. reduced opportunities for development
                                                  1. Reduced pay
                                                    1. Reduced job security
                                                      1. Reduced job satisfaction
                                                      2. How to implement change within a team
                                                        1. Overcoming resistance
                                                          1. Communicate reasons, consult
                                                            1. Support team members
                                                              1. Share the vision and set positive examples
                                                                1. Link to individual goals
                                                                  1. Allow staff to participate in decisions
                                                                    1. empowerment
                                                                    2. Implementing change
                                                                      1. Forcefield analysis , brainstorming , re-training
                                                                        1. Participative planning
                                                                          1. Setting milestones and deadlines
                                                                            1. Giving rewards
                                                                              1. involvement of staff in change process
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