conformity: Asch's research

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conformity: Asch's research
1 Asch's research
1.1 procedure
1.1.1 compare the length of the standard line with 3 other lines 123 white male undergraduates 6 - 8 confederates 18 trails - 12 critical trials
1.2 findings
1.2.1 participants conformed 37% of the time 25% didn't conform at all 75% conformed at least once Asch effect extent it which participants conform even when it's ambiguous they conformed to avoid rejection
2 Asch's variation
2.1 which conditions increase/ decrease conformity
2.1.1 group size 3 confederates conformity rose by 32% any more made little difference
2.1.2 unanimity another non conforming person conformity reduced by 25%
2.1.3 task difficulty making it harder to judge the length of the line conformity increased ISI plays a greater role when the task is harder more ambiguous
3 evaluation
3.1 a child of its time
3.1.1 Perrin & Spencer repeated on engineering students out of 400 trilas only 1 person conformed
3.1.2 1950s America was a very conformist time following social norms
3.1.3 not consistent across time
3.2 artificial situation and task
3.2.1 demand characteristics trivial task
3.2.2 groups didn't resemble everyday
3.2.3 can't be generalised to everyday
3.3 limited application of study
3.3.1 only tested men women more conformist
3.3.2 all American individualist culture higher conformity rates
4 evaluation +
4.1 findings only apply to certain situations
4.1.1 conformity might have been higher as trying to impress strangers but people still try and impress friends
4.2 naïve participants were deceived
4.2.1 unethical - thought confederates were real participants
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