Bosnian Crisis 1911

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Bosnian Crisis 1911
1 Causes
1.1 Russia and Austria both wanted the Balkan region.
1.1.1 Gave them access to the Mediterranean
1.2 Bosnia wanted a Slav state in the Balkans
1.3 in 1908 it was annexed by Austria-Hungary and became a part of their empire
1.4 Serbia an independent country in the Balkans opposed this
2 Events
2.1 Serbia wanted Bosnia to be independent too as it contained Slavs
2.2 Serbia was too small to do anything on its own so looked to its ally Russia for help
2.3 Russia supported Serbia until 1908
2.4 Russia backed off helping Serbia gain Bosnia
2.4.1 Germany said if Russia declared war on Austria, they would declare war on Russia
3 Consequences
3.1 Austria Hungary felt it could now rely on Germany for support
3.2 Russia had backed down but was determined not to do so again
3.3 Serbia has to accept that Bosnia was apart of Austria
3.3.1 They did look to get their own back
3.4 Italy became less enthusiastic about the triple alliance
3.4.1 They were afraid of getting drawn into war
3.5 Led to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand in 1911
3.5.1 The trigger to war
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