Multi-Channel Media / Technology

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A mind map on technology and streetwear and the evolution of trends over time.

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Multi-Channel Media / Technology
1 Retail experience
1.1 Bespoke
1.1.1 exclusive tailored alternative services Concept store branded snacks / drinks New York Kith Kith treats Relaxed environment social Supreme open store layout skate culture street style fashion Branding communication logos packaging collaborations celebrity endorsements
1.2 enhanced experience
1.2.1 emotional connection active engagement
1.2.2 memorable
1.3 online vs offline
2 Community
2.1 conformity
2.1.1 social acceptance freedom identity Trends evolution of trends social hierachy of needs Generation Y & Z social media visual friends like-minded photo sharing smartphone instagram
2.2 included
2.3 lifestyle
2.4 Culture
2.4.1 Streetwear Sneakers Limited editions exclusive practicalility fashion individual attitudes rebellious high end desingers collaborations original street style basics comfort sports wear sports fashion evolution of streetwear
2.4.2 expression
2.4.3 music art
3 Online expereince
3.1 digital marketing
3.1.1 vs traditional marketing magazines online community forums
3.2 Marketing
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