Hitler's rise to power

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Hitler's rise to power

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Hitler's rise to power
  1. Weimer government was weak
    1. People were dying of starvation and unemployment was the highest it had ever been. This meant that people began to look at extremist parties to see if they would make a change.
    2. Hitler was a good speaker
      1. Hilter was seen as an excellent figure and he was able to speak to large audiences well. Also he appealed to all classes so this gave him a lot of votes. He provided the upper class with support that they would not turn to communism which many people feared as well as saying he would rise employment rates which appealed to the middle and lower classes.
      2. Treaty of Versailles
        1. This made the german people angry as well as them feeling humiliated. This rose to alot of German people turning away from Weimar as they felt they had done them over. Also this made them economically disadvantaged, they were limited of the amount of soldiers they could have which was 100,000. Where as Hitler thought the politicians who signed the treaty were the 'November criminals'
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